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Linguali Cloud Mobile redefines the way interpreters work

What is Linguali Cloud Mobile?

Linguali Cloud Mobile covers the same functions and situations as an InfoPort / tour guide /  bidule wireless FM system:

- Simultaneous interpreting

- Guided visits

- Silent Meetings

Linguali Cloud Mobile provides numerous advantages compared to traditional InfoPort systems:

- The Linguali Cloud Mobile device fits in your pocket

- Cover from 1 to 150 participants

- Switch language channels

- Audio recording

- Remote access for participants

How does it work?

Linguali Cloud Mobile is is composed of:

- The Linguali Cloud Mobile device

- Internet access (4G / WiFi)

- Web-app for participants to listen to the speaker / interpreter

Interpreter interface

Linguali Cloud Mobile is extremely simple to use and runs straight from the Firefox mobile browser on a dedicated Linguali Smartphone. Open the Firefox browser on your Linguali Cloud Mobile device and follow the following steps (click on each image to read instructions).

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