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The smartest and simplest solution for video conference interpeting

Video Conference Interpreting with Linguali

Linguali provides the simplest and most accessible solution for video conference interpretation. From our state-of-the-art remote interpreting studios in Paris, our professional technicians and interpreters can set up your video conference interpretation in a matter of minutes. Participants connect to the interpretation feed via the Linguali Web App on their smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.


- Connect to Linguali interpretation from anywhere in the world

- Unlimited participants

- Unlimited connected sites

- Unlimited languages

- Platform agnostic: Linguali works with any video conferencing system

- Audio recording and transcription

A Complete Service

Linguali provides video conference interpreting for the World's leading companies and organisations. Our unique solutions allows for the fast simple, and reliable deployment of live interpretation of all your online meetings and seminars.​

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